East Asia Team Retreat

10 02 2008

Just got home from a weekend retreat in Big Canoe with members of my East Asia missions trip.  Emily, Charles, John, Tashi & I had a great time getting to know each other, having a ton of fun, and spending time allowing the Lord to break our hearts for the people of East Asia we will be visiting in a few short weeks.



It is always amazing to me how God works details out perfectly without my intervention (which I sometimes forget he doesn’t really need!).  Our team, although small, is going to be a great blend of unique backgrounds and life stages unified around a central vision to be poured out to impact others.  We had fun dreaming about our upcoming trip, talking about strategies of how to effectively share our faith as we build relationships with students we will encounter.  We practiced talking and praying in “code” which is required in this area of the world where faith in God, and especially sharing this faith, isn’t always encouraged, to say the least!

Thanks to Chef Emily, we had wonderful food, but what would you expect from a dietician?!  We also went head to head with each other in some intense games of Egyptian Rat Screw (which by the way, I think I won about half of!!) 

 Egyptian Rat Screw


We had a blast with some great team building activities like the Trust Walk through the woods, and even were successful at putting a tent together with the guys blindfolded, only able to use one hand, and not able to talk (can guys actually survive like that?!).  The ladies were master’s at leading the way and creating a tent fit for a king!

Team Building Activity Guys in the Tent

Trust Walk 

In all, we had a fantastic time and were most inspired by our last evening together where we opened scripture and were compelled with vision about faith as a mustard seed growing to see the impossible take place in the lives of those we will encounter.  One of our themes is “Great Expectations” as we prepare for a spiritual battle for the lives of those we will be sharing the scandalous truth of redemption with.


Please pray for us as we prepare for the trip.  If you would like more information, please email me at reggie.goodin@gmail.com.




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