A Day of Safari-Stuck in the Mud??!

2 02 2008

After a month working with the mission in Botswana, it was time to take a free day and explore the amazing Okavango Delta region of Botswana.  Maureen, my great friend who is serving for two years at Love Botswana as Outreach Director (http://moweezle.wordpress.com/)was happy to lead the tour.  We set off at 6:00 a.m. to get a head start on the day and to try to catch the wild animals having breakfast.  We knew we were in for an adventure due to all the rain we had been experiencing and how muddy the dirt roads would be.  We made it up to Moremi Game Reserve just after 7 and entered expecting the unexpected.  Not too long in we started swerving all over the road, sometimes to miss the pots holes filled with water, and sometimes just to splash through them.  Much to our surprise, one such spot was actually a bottomless pit in disguise.  We hit the edge of the hole and were instantly sucked in.  Our front right tire struggled to stay above water and we instantly knew this was going to be trouble!

 Car in Mud

When a bit of water started seeping into the passenger door, we knew things were not looking good.  We were officially stuck.  And in Moremi, the chances of another car passing are rare to say the least.  In fact, it was going to be more probable that a lion or elephant would pass by before another person.  

And shockingly, there were no cell towers close by, so making a phone call was going to be impossible.  Due to the “friends” lurking in the tall grass all around us, getting more than a few feet from the car was not advised, unless WE wanted to be a quick breakfast snack.  We were in trouble. We had told friends at the base that if we didn’t make it back by late afternoon to come looking for us, but that was going to be several hours away, and here we are stuck in a car, mud up to our eyeballs, and barely enough battery power on my laptop to watch one episode of “Friends” from my ITunes. 

We began to pray.  We prayed that God would send us someone and they would be able to pull us out.  We were desperate…so i guess that means we prayed harder??!!  But regardless, He answered.  About an hour later a truck came along and the people were able to help us connect a chain to our car and yank us out of the mire.  It was a miracle, at least in our eyes!!

By 9:00, we were back on the road and on the hunt.  We slowly maneuvered  around or sometimes through all additional puddles, a bit more gun shy than earlier!  We did have a great time and saw some giraffe, wart hogs, tons of exotic birds, impala, some large cats (not sure exactly what they were…something like a cougar), and tons of elephant dung!!  We tried to trace the dung to the source, but never could seem to catch up to them.  We had a blast scouting out the wild, and we remained thankful that the red sea masking itself as a mud puddle wasn’t able to keep us down for long!


Love Botswana Outreach Mission

31 01 2008

The entrance to LBOM where I stayed for the month of January. Check out the great work this mission is doing in Botswana and south central Africa at www.lovebotswana.com.

A Month at Love Botswana!

31 01 2008

After spending the last four weeks at the Love Botswana missions base in Maun, Botswana, I think I am finally ready to come home. Spending the first month of a new year half-way around the world, trying to figure out “summer” in the middle of January is the way to go!!  Time at the base has been great.  I have been able to spend time each day in the administrative offices serving the Finance team, helping them improve processes & systems (you know that nerdy accountant stuff!). 

LBOM office building.

 I had some great times again with Maureen and the Walker’s. I was introduced to SPEED, a fast paced card game that was almost as intense as nertz. We even watched the entire first season of “Heroes” together. I saw the first couple of episodes in Cape Town and got totally hooked. We finished up the season and I can’t wait to get back to the states to see season 2.


Guest House


Some of my favorite times and memories have been in the guest house where I am staying.  Quiet and free from ALL distractions, this has been a haven for me to go and experience the depth of what I believe God wanted to do in my heart this trip.  I have been reading “Irresistible Revolution” by Shane Clairborne and it has been riviting my thinking.  What does it really look like to pour out your life for those less fortunate, impoverished, homeless, hungy?? What about the people of Iraq and the the toll the war has had on them.  So many stirring questions that I will be pondering and meditating on for some time. I have also been reading “The Heavenly Man”, the autobiographical story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun.  He was massively tortured for his faith while building the house church in China.  I have been reading this in preparation for my upcoming mission trip to East Asia.  This book has knocked me to my knees as well as I have cried out to God to show me how and let me experience such a radical and scandalous faith.  How would I respond?  Would I be willing to pay the price?? So many things the Lord has spoken to me and poured deep into my heart.  I leave in just a couple of days, but I take so much with me.  I love Botswana and treasure the season the Lord gave me here as I began 2008!! 

Drive to the Cape

11 01 2008

After arriving in Johannesburg after an 18+ hour flight, I met up with Marci & Maureen & we began our 2 day drive to Cape Town.  We took the garden route along the eastern & southern border of South Africa, stopping overnight in Port Elizabeth. 

Sunset leaving Cape Town Hout’s Bay Coastal View

When we arrived in Cape Town, we stayed with Tim & Leslie Black, an American missionary family that are friends from my old Teen Mania days.  They were such fun and so generous and hospitable.  They helped us plan out our time in Cape Town, driving to Cape Point, a day at the beach, some fun shopping, a mountain hike, and fun at home in the evenings watching Season One of “Heroes”!!! 

Evening out with the Black’s